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Vulcan Wood Products in Vulcan, MI is a manufacturer of premium quality wood fuel pellets and pellet ped bedding. Pellets are made from sawdust, shavings and waste left over from furniture, flooring, and other wood production. This material is run through a hammer mill then compressed and extruded through a rotating die under extreme pressure. Pellet sized bits are formed that are about 1 1/2″ long and approximately 1/4″ in diameter. Vulcan Wood Products wood pellets are clean, pleasant smelling and smooth to the touch. Our pellets are sold in plastic clear bags with only our name and logo on them so that you can see the quality of our product. No debris or dirt will be found in our bags like other manufacturers. You pay for pellets, not dust or dirt. Cleaning out your stove will be a breeze!

Density: 44.97 lbs. per cubic foot

Fines: .43%

Ash content: less than 0.87%

Chlorides: 68 parts per million

Moisture: 4.43%

Heat values: 8122 BTU’s per lb. as received 8498 BTU’s per lb. moisture free 8576 BTU’s per lb. moisture free and ash free


Vulcan Hardwood  –  40 lb. bag for $4.58  –  $207.00 a ton (cash or check) –  $215.00 (credit card)

 Vulcan Softwood  –  40 lb. bag for $5.10  –  $240.00 a ton (cash or check)  –  $248.00 (credit card)

 Pellet bags are a #4 recyclable item. The same as plastic grocery shopping bags.

Most recycle centers and townships will except them.

Otherwise, utilize these bags at home for composting or use as garbage bags.